Keystone XL March on Missoula’s Front

On Friday, 40 Montana Citizens held a rally on Front Street in Missoula opposing the Keystone-XL pipeline. After a rally in front of Senator Jon Tester’s office at 130 W. Front , they proceeded to Senator Steve Daines’s office at 218 E Front.

The rally was a pop-up demonstration in response to the Billings Gazette article of January 25 reporting both senators’ support for the Keystone XL Pipeline. […]


Rex’s Rhetoric vs. Reality

Rex Tillerson sounds like a preacher. He thinks fossil fuels will improve the lives of the poor. This is hucksterism. He is holding up in one hand the glittering prospect of short-term development to the world’s poor, while the other hand rakes enormous profits and distracts policy makers from the long-term consequences of global warming. […]