Coal RallyState denies Longview permit

‘The Department of Ecology rejected a water quality permit that Millennium Bulk Terminals sought because the proposed facility near the city of Longview would have caused “significant and unavoidable harm” to the environment.’


coal bargeLighthouse  Backs Off Coal Export In Oregon (10/14/2016)

“Lighthouse Resources, Inc. announced today that it would no longer pursue its appeal of the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) rejection of a permit that would have been needed for the Morrow Pacific coal export facility in Boardman, Oregon.”


shell refineryShell calls off rail unloading facility project (10/06/2-016)

“ANACORTES — Shell Puget Sound Refinery announced Thursday that it is no longer pursuing the rail unloading facility it has worked toward for several years, much to the surprise of government agencies reviewing the project and groups opposed to it.”


vet4peaceSpokane Vets for Peace Occupy Tracks

A group of Spokane, Washington citizens are currently protesting on the BNSF railroad tracks off Trent, east of Napa. The action is being carried out to alert the region to the rapidly expanding impacts of climate change.



raging grannieThree Raging Grannies Block BNSF

““We were willing to be arrested to stop climate change,” said Nancy Nelson, dressed in a blue floral dress with a matching hat. “With the oil and coal trains coming right through our city, this is a very serious issue, which we have to address.”

The women – all grandmothers – were the last of about 20 people who blocked rail lines near Trent Avenue and Napa Street.”


bnsf spokaneCoal and Oil Trains on Ballot⮷

“Spokane City Council asks voters to determine if coal, oil trains should be fined

The future of oil and coal traveling by rail through downtown Spokane will be decided by voters in November. The City Council voted 6-0 on Monday night to put the question before voters, …”


mosier crude derailment

Columbia River Gorge Derailment⮷

“PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A train towing a highly volatile type of oil derailed Friday in Oregon’s scenic Columbia River Gorge, igniting a fire that sent a plume of black smoke into the sky and spurring evacuations and road closures.

Eleven cars derailed Friday in the 96-car Union Pacific train and the railroad said several caught fire. The crash released oil alongside tracks that parallel the Columbia River near Mosier. …

The train was carrying Bakken crude oil to Tacoma, from Eastport, Idaho. Bakken crude is known for being highly volatile because it has a higher gas content and vapor pressure and lower flash point than other varieties.”

Montana Longview hearing participants 01Spokane Longview Coal Hearing⮷ (05/27/2016)

“A proposed coal-export terminal in Southwest Washington could eventually bring 16 more trains through Spokane each day.

Millennium Bulk Terminals would transfer coal from rail cars onto ships bound for energy-hungry markets in Asia. By 2028, the proposed Longview facility would export about 44 million metric tons of coal each year.”


grandmas anacortes track
Grandmas on Track Anacortes

MSM Coverage of Anacortes Action⮷ (5/15/2016)

“52 climate activists were arrested following a two-day railroad protest in Washington state, reported ABC News. Authorities in northwest Washington state’s Skagit County arrested activists Sunday morning after the group shut down railroad tracks not far from two oil refineries just north of Seattle. “About 150 people spent the night in tents and sleeping bags on the tracks near two refineries in northwest Washington.”

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