We Support Labor Unions

In early 2024, the 350 Montana Leadership Team participated in a strategic planning session to create a framework for going forward. One avenue identified for expanding engagement on climate change issues was to build a relationship with Montana Unions. 350 Montana recognizes that strong Unions are a necessity to help our communities transition from an extractive fossil fuel-based economy to a regenerative renewable energy economy. As part of our effort to cultivate a relationship with Montana Unions we are looking for opportunities to support local Union efforts. One recent effort brought to our attention was the opportunity to recognize the hard organizing work of Starbucks Workers United. In February Workers United and Starbucks agreed “to begin discussions on a foundational framework to achieve collective bargaining agreements for represented stores and partners.” This is a huge achievement for the 400 Union stores and 10,000 Union partners in Workers United. In celebration of this accomplishment 350 Montana delivered a gift package supportive letters from across the country and a bouquet of flowers to the Unionized Starbucks on 2121 Brooks St, in Missoula. If you find yourself in Missoula swing by either of the Unionized Starbucks and extend a congratulations to these hard-working baristas and acknowledge what we can do together. Unionized Starbucks in Missoula are 2121 Brooks St, and 5260 Grant Creek Road (currently undergoing renovation).

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