Local Things To Do

1. Sign both petitions 350 MONTANA is promoting. One encourages more clean energy, the other encourages Governor Bullock to stay with the goals of the Paris Climate Accords.

2. Help 350 MONTANA get signatures on these petitions at the Farmers Markets and other events. […]


Rex’s Rhetoric vs. Reality

Rex Tillerson sounds like a preacher. He thinks fossil fuels will improve the lives of the poor. This is hucksterism. He is holding up in one hand the glittering prospect of short-term development to the world’s poor, while the other hand rakes enormous profits and distracts policy makers from the long-term consequences of global warming. […]


Trump’s Climate Denial Cabinet

●Trump is appointing a Climate Denial Cabinet that threatens our entire future.
●These are radical appointments will have a real impact on our environment, public health, and social justice. It is unacceptable for Senator Tester to vote for such extremists.
● The Senator has a very clear choice: stand with science or the fossil fuel industry. […]