350 Montana Is Hiring A Climate Action Coordinator

Hiring Climate Action Coordinator

As an environmental activist organization, we are seeking the perfect person to help develop and coordinate bold, strategic tactics on a grassroots, regional, and national level. Our mission is to move Montana from its reliance on coal and methane to a greenhouse-gas-free energy system.

If you have two years’ experience leading grassroots climate action and two years’ experience as an organizer, we want to see you apply.

Our complete job description with instructions on applying is here. Our complete job description with instructions on applying is here. (Download the PDF) We have extended the deadline for applications to December 1.

350 Montana is 10 years old and has been an all-volunteer organization. We are working in a state that is ground zero for fossil fuel exploitation and where there is a high degree of climate denial. We have had success defeating the expansion of coal mining and coal export. We have stood up and organized opposition to stop our monopoly utility, NorthWestern Energy, from building new methane generators. At public hearings, street demonstrations, and courtrooms we bring urgency to the climate movement. As recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we want to cut greenhouse gas emissions immediately and make the Great Transition to a 100-percent carbon-free Montana.