Leonard Higgins Mock Trial Held

Leonard Higgins Mock Trial

A mock trial of Leonard Higgins, Valve Turner, was held at the University Theater in Missoula last Saturday.  The cast included Leonard and two of the other Valve Turners, three expert witnesses of different professions, and professional lawyers.

  • Leonard Higgins appeared as himself.
  • Michael Foster, a Valve Turner, played a pipeline executive for the prosecution.
  • Ken Ward, a Valve Turner and 40 year activist, appeared as himself.
  • Steve Running, University of Montana ecology professor, was an expert witness.
  • Andrew Holland, climate and US security expert, was an expert witness.
  • Tom Hastings,  civil disobedience expert, was an expert witness.
  • Bob Gentry, environmental lawyer, was the judge.
  • Summer Nelson, Missoula attorney, was the prosecutor.
  • Arnold Schroder, Rising Tide activist, was the defense attorney.
  • Jeff Smith, 350Montana co-chair, was the clerk.