Tell Tester about Trump’s Nominees

Write to Tester Now at his Website!

Senator Jon Tester today is launching a portal on his website where Montanans can post questions and comments regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees.

Over the next few weeks it is expected that Trump will nominate 15 people to head up executive departments, and dozens of others to lower spots in his administration. Those nominees are then expected to come before the Senate in 2017 for a hearing and a vote.

“In the coming weeks and months, I will be thoroughly reviewing the resumes of dozens of nominees to ensure they understand the issues that matter to Montana,” said Tester. “It’s my hope that folks from across Big Sky Country will join me in asking these potential leaders tough questions to ensure they are fully prepared to lead our state and nation.”

Tester will consider Montanans’ questions and comments throughout the confirmation process.