350 Federal Reserve Rally

Another lie, Ryan. 350 Montana Doesn’t Want to Defund the Police

Ryan Zinke is fixated on the idea that 350 Montana wants to defund the police. As you can see, since you’re here on our website, absolutely nowhere is there any mention of that particular issue. It’s a dog-whistle to Zinke’s racist followers. Our mission is to speed the transition to a carbon-free energy system. Zinke’s disinformation is a clear insight into Zinke’s character and campaign. He wants to divert attention from his own poor record on climate issues, political and personal corruption, and his advocacy for selling off federal lands to oil companies. Go here to read 350 Montana’s op-ed responding to his lies. […]

Someone has to say it

Delay Means Death

The world’s authority on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in its sixth assessment made one thing clear. We must significantly reduce greenhouse gases between now and 2030 if we want to […]


350 Montana’s Spring Offensive

Mindful of the urgency reinforced by a powerful new report by international climate scientists, 350 Montana got busy as the snow melted and the Covid pandemic loosened its grip. It’s our mission to speed the great transition to clean energy, and this spring we did so in the courtroom, in the streets, in educational settings, in opinion pieces published statewide, and in offices of NorthWestern Energy, our rogue utility, during the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting. Learn more…