What you can do

  1. Join us in Butte on October 10 for a massive rally in support of renewable energy. NorthWestern Energy won’t change its plans to develop a new generation of fossil fuel generators unless Montanans demonstrate that its customers want all new power to come from renewable energy.
  1. Sign 350 Missoula’s Petition to the five people who regulate NorthWestern Energy, the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC). Our petition calls for the PSC to halt the damage from climate pollution and to encourage the Great Transition to renewable energy in Montana.
  1. “De-Coupling” Profits so that NorthWestern Energy supports conservation and moves to renewable energy. In other Pacific Northwest states, including Idaho, energy regulators have separated the utility’s profits from the amount of energy they sell. Tell Montana’s PSC to change the rules so that the incentives force NorthWestern Energy to weatherize homes and businesses and bring on wind and solar generators to replace antiquated coal-fired generators.
  1. Move to public power! In Naomi Klein’s book on the climate crisis, This Changes Everything, she makes the case that it’s time we turn away from those who would profit from the destruction of our climate. It’s time to talk to our elected representatives about whether the current model, a regulated monopoly, is appropriate for the 21st century. If Northwestern Energy can’t give Montanans what we want, then the Legislature may want to restructure our arrangement. We have the money, with $1 billion in coal taxes in the bank. We have the skilled workers. We have the technology. Maybe the ravages of climate change mean it’s the right time for Montanans to rebuild our energy infrastructure.