Missoula Gives 2022! May 5-6

Missoula Gives 2022

The transition to 100 percent clean renewable energy in Montana is a challenge, no doubt about it, but that has not stopped 350 Montana. We commissioned a Vibrant Clean Energy study that proved Montana’s cleanest energy is also its cheapest. We participated in the disastrous 2021 Montana Legislature, always as a vivid counterpoint to the fossil fuel cowboys. We’ve kept the momentum going through the pandemic, thanks to Zoom, working with other clean energy groups statewide, actively opposing in every way we can the new $300 million methane plant in Laurel, the first of a series of expensive, greenhouse-gas-stewing generators NorthWestern Energy wants to build. We’ve fired back against their pitiful “net zero by 2050” plan that misses both of the IPCC’s key targets, cutting emissions by 2030 to stay within 1.5 C of pre-industrial temperatures.

The Missoula Gives site goes live soon. Please join us by donating to our good work on May 5 and May 6, 2022, on the Missoula Gives website: https://www.missoulagives.org/organizations/350-montana

We thank you for your support!