Citizens Dominate NWE Planning Meeting

NWE Planning Meeting

Montana citizens  filled the room at the “NorthWestern Energy Electricity Supply Resource Planning” meeting on Wednesday April 18 in Butte.  At the meeting attended by more than 50  rate-payers throughout the state, many expressed their objection to NWE plans to build several gas fired power plants to meet expected demand.

For the first hour, NorthWestern presented  justifications for the planned gas generators.  Given NWE capital investments in coal and natural gas resources, the slide show was designed for NWE investors—not electricity rate-payers in Montana.

After the break, NWE abandoned their agenda and  citizens dominated the meeting. They all  expressed  frustration and disappointment that NWE continues to ignore the climate crisis and discourages the expanding use of alternative energy.

At the end of the meeting,  Jeff Smith from 350 Montana presented 1167 petitions to a Montana Public Service Commission representative attending the meeting.  The petition demands that the PSC recognize the crisis and  move our state to 100% renewable energy.

Petitions to MT PSC