We Are Still In Paris Agreement

The current administration in Washington has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement on climate. This brazen act seeks to reverse efforts  by nearly 200 nations of the world. to address the climate crisis.

Hundreds of organizations and government officials have joined a movement to defy Washington by forming a group originally called WeAreStillIn.  It is now formally called the United States Climate Alliance.

The following Montana public officials committed to this effort.

We are circulating a petition asking Governor Bullock to join the hundreds of mayors and other State governors who already signed on to this commitment by joining the Climate Alliance with 13 State governors and Puerto Rico.  While Bullock has made vague statements about his support for Paris, he has not joined with those mayors and governors in the alliance. We are asking you to participate in signing and circulating the attached petition and propagating the message of this effort. The two attached documents are:

There is a website,  ClarkForkCommons.info that will inform the public and promote growth of this campaign.  You as an individual can help this effort in the following ways.

  1. Sign the petition
  2. Distribute this email information packet
  3. Circulate this petition by obtaining signatures from friends.
  4. Return the petition signing pages to the following address by August 15, 2017
    • Petitions
      P.O. 1355
      Superior, MT 59872

Please participate in this effort to counteract the disinformation disseminated by commercial interests who seek their own gain at the expense of public health and a living planet.