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Tesoro Must Clean up Refinery

“The Justice Department and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday announced a $425 million settlement with two companies to reduce air pollution at six petroleum refineries in the West, inlcuding one in Anacortes…” […]

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Pay Attention

by Gary Hawk
” …As hard as it is to stretch our bandwidth, out of concern for our overall well-being I ask us to devote a portion of our attention to signs and signals that we are tempted to cast out of our field of view … Notice how we have added a fifth season to our four, referring almost casually to ‘smoke season’ …” […]

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From The Front Lines

A tale of the march at the Break Free PNW event in May, 2016.. Written and narrated by Gary Hawk, filmed by Jerome Walker, photos by the Montana Allies at the event, and produced by Eric Ristau … […]

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Utilities Resisting Solar

“Now that Americans are starting to see serious savings from solar, many traditional electricity suppliers are working furiously to retain their profit margins. …” — Consumer Reports 08/2016 […]