Last night, many of us had the opportunity to hear the necessity defense that Valve Turner Leonard Higgins is being denied the opportunity to use in his defense. The testimony was highly creditable and inspiring. In addition to Leonard’s upcoming trial in Montana, Valve Turners in Washington and North Dakota have been denied the use of this defense but Minnesota will allow Emily Johnston and Annette Klapstein to present this defense.

One of the witnesses last night was Professor Tom Hastings. Professor Hastings is an expert on the history and efficacy of Non-Violent Direct Action. He made a compelling case for the need and effectiveness of Non-Violent Direct Action if the face of the Climate Crisis that us upon us. Below are links to materials he recommends for those seeking to better understand the importance this tactic can play in bringing about needed change.

Leonard Higgins trial starts with jury selection in FT. Benton, MT tomorrow, November 19th. Jury selection is expected to take all day, with the trial itself commencing on Tuesday, November 20th. If at all possible, please consider attending this trial to show your support and gratitude to Leonard. We know this is a particularly tough week and believe the trial was deliberately moved to this time to limit scrutiny. Lets show them it won’t work. Please note that Leonard has asked that this be a dignified even and no protests are planned or desired. A strong showing in the Courtroom, however, is desired.

John Woodland

350 Montana Co-Chair