You are invited to the premier of a new film tomorrow night.

“Up from the Ashes” is a documentary about the coal industry and its impact on people, their communities, and our common future. It gets underway at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 15, at the Roxy Theater, 718 South Higgins in Missoula. And it’s free.

An added bonus is a panel discussion after the film, featuring: Mike Scott, SE Montana rancher and Sierra Club organizer, Mark Anderlik, president of the Missoula Area Central Labor Council, and Brian Fadie, clean energy program director for the Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC).

Our embarrassment of a president has removed the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, and his appointees — with Montana’s Ryan Zinke, Interior Department Director, leading the charge — are opening the spigots on fossil fuel development, especially the production and burning of coal. (

Of course, they choose to ignore its contribution to global warming. Last week, University of Montana climate scientist Steve Running said this policy would lead to a 12 to 14 degree Fahrenheit rise in Montana temperatures by 2100. Read about it here:

Yet, you may have read the article in The Missoulian today about the predicted downturn in coal-fired electricity produced in Montana:

So what the heck is going on? We couldn’t ask for a more timely discussion about a more important topic. Questions? Call 549-1142 or email

We hope to see you there.

Jeff Smith, co-chair, www.350