Ordinance No. C – 35668 is not a very sexy title for a rebellion. It’s a law passed in Spokane in August to move the city of 216,000 people to 100 percent renewable energy. One of the authors (rebels) of this new law, Professor Brian Henning of Gonzaga University***, will be in Missoula tomorrow night.

To whet your appetite, here are the first six reasons the authors list for passing the law:

  • “WHEREAS, the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels are significant sources of greenhouse gas emission and major contributors to climate change pollution; and;
  • “WHEREAS, local, regional, and local economies are transitioning to low-carbon energy sources, and businesses are leaders in providing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and services; and;
  • “WHEREAS, the future of the fossil fuel industry is questionable given global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • “WHEREAS, changes in Spokane’s climate are already being felt; and;
  • “WHEREAS, scientists found that climate change poses a significant threat to Washington’s economy and impacts that are likely to include longer and more intense wildfire seasons, diminished fish and wildlife habitat, changes in precipitation patterns that will affect agriculture and hydro-electric energy generation, and increased disease vectors and invasive species . . .”

Please join us on Tuesday, October 9, 7 p.m., in the second floor ball room at the Union Hall, 208 East Main, for Brian Henning’s talk about a far-reaching “fossil free” ordinance passed by the Spokane City Council that commits Spokane residents to a 100 percent renewable energy system by 2030.

Can Missoula start a similar rebellion? Are we ready?