Coal. Tar sands. Pipelines. Oil and gas explorations on public land. Tariffs on solar panels. These issues were settled and buried, and they’ve come alive again!

First, please read this article written by founder, Bill McKibben, that lays out the idea that the fossil fuel industries are hurting. Every demonstration, every protest that slows a project, every email you’ve written, and every fossil fuel investment we’ve re-invested has taken its toll. The extremists these days are not those in the climate movement, but those in government and the fossil fuel industries.

The article is here:

Please take note that one of these extremists is a former Canadian government official who says his government needs to begin killing protesters! “[T]he movement against Kinder Morgan’s pipeline got so big,” McKibben writes, “the Canadian government had to literally buy the thing in order to try and ram it through. Protesters will die, a former Bank of Canada governor predicted this week — though he added the country will have to muster the ‘fortitude’ to kill them and get the pipeline built.”

The second thing I want you to do right now, is send a comment on the Keystone XL pipeline, another tar sands pipeline that would go through Montana and endanger two major rivers. The U.S. State Department (what a surprise!) wants to do an end run around our environmental laws, giving a permit without the proper environmental impact statement.

Here’s the link to oppose this pipeline: