I wanted to share a strong op-ed in The Missoulian written by eight former Montana smokejumpers. They are noticing that we no longer have to wait for climate change. When it comes to forest fires and fire behavior, it is already here. They cite the increased numbers of fires and the increased costs. They know that forest fires are more frequent, more intense, and more dangerous: “. . .climate is about trends and scientists say that those trends are proving what our guts have told us for a long time,” they write.

Here’s the full letter: http://missoulian.com/news/opinion/columnists/link-between-wildfires-global-warming-calls-for-action/article_691edeba-38fc-11e4-9a3e-0019bb2963f4.html

I have a suggestion about what you can do about it.

Come to the meeting of 350 Montana’s action committee tonight at 5:30 at Imagine Nation Brewing, 1151 West Broadway in Missoula. This is the committee that helps decide what actions 350 Montana is going to take. So far, the agenda looks like this:

1. Marketing Sen. Markley’s 100×50 bill
2. NorthWestern Energy’s (NWE) is going the wrong way with our energy future!
  A. 350 Montana will release 2 reports.
       1. Future of renewables
       2. NWE obstruction of renewables and their public relations inaccuracies
       3. 350 Montana five-city educational outreach tour
  B. Perhaps sponsor Gov. Schwietzer talking on his book, Power Up
  C. Perhaps host 3 to 4 families living off grid talking of their experiences
3. 2 petitions
   A. asking Gov. Bullock to stick with the Paris climate agreement.
   B. NWE to transition to renewables.
4. Building a relationship with groups whose interest don’t match ours such as unions
5. John Woodland reports on his week-long “Principles of Community Organizing” training, and Jeff Smith will report on his leadership training with Al Gore’s Climate Reality organization.
6. Other?
We hope to see you there!
Jeff Smith, co-chair