Two big announcements from Washington, D.C., yesterday, both terribly deflating. The first, our president will not throw out the first pitch in the Washington Senators’ first game of the season. And, second, an executive order reversing the previous administration’s efforts to reduce carbon pollution.

The decision to avoid the public and be identified as a poor sport stems in large measure from the second. He doesn’t want to get booed for his policies taking our country backwards.

But, as people keep telling me, these policies are creating an energized backlash. I wanted to share two articles, one national and one local, that are very articulate push-back.

The first comes out of the Labor Network for Sustainability and is some bright thinking about where the jobs are and where they will be in the future:

The second has the same theme, this time from a 350 Montana member, Tom Platt, and was in The Missoulian today: