We thought you’d like to hear this clip from today’s broadcast of the nationally syndicated radio program “Here and Now.” The segment features Missoula’s Ari LeVaux, who is a member of 350 Montana’s action committee and was one of the driving forces behind 350 Montana’s very successful NorthWestern Energy demonstration last October in Butte.

You can find the interview here: http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2017/06/21/gardening-new-planting-zones

Ari is also author of “Flash in the Pan,” a newspaper column every Wednesday in The Missoulian and many other newspapers. His article in High Country News last month, “The Dramatic Changes in Our Planting Zones,” was the springboard for today’s interview. The article is here: http://www.hcn.org/articles/the-dramatic-changes-in-our-planting-zones

Ari tells the interviewer about growing peaches in Montana and some other changes he’s seeing:

“It’s amazing. I’ve recently purchased ginger, Montana-grown artichokes, and also things a little more subtle, like a lot more peppers, because you don’t have to grow them in a greenhouse anymore, so everyone has just tons of peppers. And out on the plains, farmers are cutting alfalfa three times when they used to cut it two times.”

Thanks, Ari, for catching the attention of these producers and reporters with such great work.

Jeff Smith, co-chair, 350 Montana