We Are Still In Paris Agreement

July 11, 2017 Tim Spangler 0

The United States has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement on climate. Hundreds of organizations and government officials have joined a movement to defy Washington by forming a group called the United States Climate Alliance. We are circulating a petition asking Governor Bullock to join the hundreds of mayors and 13 other governors in the Alliance.

PSC & NWE Push Jobs Away

July 6, 2017 John Woodland 0

The Public Service Commission and NorthWestern Energy just teamed up to keep Montana in the bottom quarter for per capita income. The PSC rubber stamped NWE’s request to torpedo large-scale solar facilities by setting contract terms so bad that no projects can be built …

Climate Cities

Letter to Missoula Mayor

June 9, 2017 montana 0

To: Mayor John Engen
President Trump has decided to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement. … 350 Montana would like you to repudiate the President’s action and become one of our nation’s courageous “Climate Mayors.” We ask that Missoula join over 200 other cities in pledging to achieve the commitments of the Paris Climate Accord …

Montana at Risk

June 2, 2017 montana 0

Two grassroots climate advocacy groups in Montana strongly criticized President Trump’s decision today to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.