Send a Message to Northwestern on Bill

July 9, 2018 montana 0

NorthWestern Energy wants to build a whole new generation of fossil fuel generators. Send a strong message every month when you pay your NorthWestern Energy bill. Attach one of these colorful “Renewables Now!” stickers.

James Hansen on “clean coal”

June 14, 2018 montana 0

There are no GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards, no quick fixes. The best estimates are that “even our very optimistic cost of carbon capture results in an unbearable debt for young people” who will soon inherit this damaged world from us. The only way to stop global warming is to stop polluting our atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

NorthWestern Energy Stockholders’ Meeting

April 28, 2018 Jeff Smith 0

One week after a dozen 350 Montana members testified at a public hearing on NorthWestern Energy’s energy plan at the company headquarters in Butte, we returned to attend the company’s April 25 stockholders’ meeting.

NWE Planning Meeting

Citizens Dominate NWE Planning Meeting

April 20, 2018 Tim Spangler 0

Montana citizens filled the room at the “NorthWestern Energy Electricity Supply Resource Planning” meeting on Wednesday April 18 in Butte. At the meeting attended by more than 50 rate-payers throughout the state …