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From The Front Lines

July 9, 2016 montana 0

A tale of the march at the Break Free PNW event in May, 2016.. Written and narrated by Gary Hawk, filmed by Jerome Walker, photos by the Montana Allies at the event, and produced by Eric Ristau …

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Utilities Resisting Solar

July 2, 2016 montana 0

“Now that Americans are starting to see serious savings from solar, many traditional electricity suppliers are working furiously to retain their profit margins. …” — Consumer Reports 08/2016


Imagine Future for Montana energy

June 24, 2016 montana 0

by Jeff Smith
“Let’s imagine a future where Montana takes the lead, our regulated utilities get the right marching orders, the fossil fuels stay in the ground where they belong, and our state sets an example for the rest of the world” Jeff Smith